What is the difference between Limited and Full Contributors?

Wazoku defines a contributor to be an end user with permission to add / edit Ideas and vote / comment on Ideas submitted by others. 

  • Full Contributor - the default role type for new users; have access to all content on the site. A full contributor can:
    • add / edit Ideas,
    • be added as a team member to an Idea,
    • vote / comment on other user's Ideas,
    • view / join public and by request communities.
  • Limited Contributor - have the same permissions as full contributors but only within communities they have been explicitly asked to join. 
    • Primarily used to invite external networks to one or more communities. Allows external users to be involved in specific communities/challenges without having access to the full site.
    • If a user is invited to Idea Spotlight through a community, they will be assigned the Limited Contributor role and only have access to that community; the role permissions can can changed on Admin Panel > Users.
    • Limited Contributor registration allows organisations to enable users outside their domain to register as a Limited Contributor for a specified community, you must have a Closed Domain (specific domains are whitelisted) to turn on this functionality in Admin Panel > Configuration > Limited Contributors.





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